Equipment You Need For Boating

Equipment for boating

Whenever a person goes out on a jog, climb, camp out, or picnic, there are always supplies that require to be brought. Similar guidelines fly with boating, whether you are only going to be on the water for a day, or if you are planning to be there for a few days.

There are a couple of things that you should remember to bring with you, and if you have them on board, they may save your life in a dangerous situation. If you are just out for a day trip, several things on the list still should be brought because they will supply the most comfort for your day on the water.

Survival boating equipment

The most critical thing for human survival is water. Our Bodies are 55% to 78% H2O, and you can last anywhere from 1 to three weeks on H2O alone. So obviously, the most important item to carry on any boat journey is water and a lot of it. The sea salt in the ocean wind can suck moisture from your skin, and the sun’s rays beating down upon you do the same. By being well hydrated, one can prevent dehydration, heat exhaustion, and in the case of an emergency, dying.

Also bring enough snacks for the amount of days you plan on being out, plus one day. This will provide you an extra snack if all goes as planned, or an opportunity to ration nourishment in emergencies.

Sunscreen equipment for everyone

The sun’s rays hammer down upon the earth non-stop. When we receive our 12-14 hours of hot sun, it is easy to get burnt if you don’t bring the right protection. Out on the water, the sun’s rays are made brighter and may hit you at all angles making for a bad sunburn. Always make sure to bring a cap, sunblock, and sunglasses to lower your likelihood of getting a sunburn, and guard your eyes from damaging rays.

Also put in protection from nature is a light to a heavy rain jacket. You may get caught in a storm and there’s not much worse than being caught in bad weather on a boat while you’re not prepared.

Personal protective equipment

The last few items are the items that can truly save your life if the situation calls for it. Life vests are tested lifesavers in worst-case scenarios because they can keep you afloat if your boat sinks. A compass can tell you in what bearing you are going. Joined with a map and high-quality binoculars, you are pretty much set for navigation. Marine air-horns and small reflective surfaces can be used to signal to other vessels or aircraft, and a pocket knife can be really useful in many situations.

Safety equipment

The list isn’t too long, but each of these items is very important in its own way. Sun defense can prevent dehydration along with add comfort. Water and snacks will supply you with the important vitamins and minerals that you need to live. Last but not least, signaling equipment and safety measures are always a good idea. Some of these items may even protect your life if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, so when boating, always go prepared.