Is metal roofing good for my home?

Is metal roofing good for my home

More and more people are realizing the many benefits of a metal roof for their home. Now, with new materials and designs, there are more choices than ever for the look of a new, metal roof.

Homeowners investigating metal roofs quickly discover that metal – beyond the traditional look of smooth metal with vertical seams – can be made to imitate many other looks and designs of shingles, from shake roofs to shingle roofs.

Metal roofs are long-lasting, often lasting twice as long or longer than traditional roofs consisting of asphalt or wood shingles or ceramic tiles. The slightly larger up-front costs almost immediately come back to homeowners through higher value to the roof itself, and overall higher value for the home. Non-metal roofs start to deteriorate immediately, but metal roofs hold their original integrity for long periods of time.

New metal roofs also are considered green components in a home because many of the materials in the roof are often up to 95% recycled aluminum. In the end, a metal roof won’t fill a landfill, but simply be recycled again, whereas traditional roofers roofing materials such as asphalt often are incompatible with recycling.

Put aside the myths about metal roofs, such as the attraction to lightning, or possible damage from hail storms. A metal roof is no more likely to be struck by lightning than any other roof. And the new composition of metals in a metal roof makes them highly resistant to damage from hail storms.

Metal roofs are also safe for walking on when necessary, and are quiet, too, when properly installed. The myth of a metal roof being noisy in a rainstorm is quickly dispelled the first time a homeowner enjoys a rain shower in a home with a new metal roof. Between proper insulation, attic space, and home insulation, a metal roof generates no more noise than a traditional roof.

Metal roofs add more value to a home, last twice as long or longer than traditional roofs, are environmentally friendly, quiet, and come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Everyone who chooses a metal roof makes a wise choice for preserving the environment, upgrading their home, and adding beauty to their surroundings.