Starting A House Cleaning Business

Starting A House Cleaning Business

If you’re thinking of starting your own house cleaning business, you’ve no doubt thought that all you need to be a success is a bucket, some cleaning utensils and products, some elbow grease and a lot of hard work. Well, in part you’d be right. However, this is no sure-fire way of running a successful cleaning business. To do that, you’ll need a little bit more.

In order to have a successful house cleaning business, here are 5 things you’ll need to consider (among the many others):

1. Transport:

You’d be surprised to know how many people consider starting their own cleaning business who seem to give no consideration to how they’ll get to the houses they need to clean. But, depending on where the houses your business is going to clean are located, transportation could well be one of your biggest expenses. So make sure that you factor this in and you give some consideration as to what type of transportation will be best (for example, need a ladder and have a saloon – how’s it going to fit in the car?);

2. Advertising:

Although you can do a lot of free advertising. By telling all your neighbors and friends that you now have a cleaning business. If you want to clean some homes further away from your house, in an area you’re not overly familiar with, you’re going to need to start paying to have some flyer distributed, stuck to trees, community newspaper announcements/adverts, an ad in a telephone directory, etc. As such, advertising can actually take up a fair amount of start-up costs, so do some cost analysis on this;

3. Staffing:

As your cleaning business grows, and as you become better known for the high quality of home cleaning your business does, you may well feel the need to take on some extra staff. Suddenly you have become an entrepreneur responsible for others wellbeing, so make sure you know what the local laws are regarding small businesses so that you don’t break any of them;

4. Business name:

As with any company start-up, a house cleaning business could well make or break based on the name of the business. Consequently, give some thought to the name of the business and try and be a little bit more inventive than other cleaning businesses in your area!

5. Cash Flow:

Finally, the survival of any business all depends on cash flow. You need to ensure that you have sufficient cash buffer to pull you through the first couple of months. Having a buffer of at least 6 months of your operating expenditure would be great insurance.